Brian Jost

CPA Vineland, NJ

Brian Jost, CPA, is an accountant and our resident expert in securing construction bonds for our clients.

With experience in both the corporate world and beyond, Brian has the ability to find simple, direct solutions for the most complex projects. He assists our clients in obtaining construction bonds, often helping them secure a better rate than they had even thought possible.

Working on his grandfather’s farm and later in construction to pay for college, Brian understands the meaning of working smart and hard.
He has the dexterity to integrate old school methods with new technology, helping clients recover from negative issues and continue towards the path of growth and prosperity.


Fun Facts

  • Brian is a husband and father.
  • He is a New Jersey Fish and Wildlife enthusiast, ‘trash hunter’ and tree planting volunteer.
  • He is the vice president of Competition Dirt Riders, an organization that promotes safe off-road youth and adult motorcycle racing.
  • Brian served for nine years as the head coach of Vineland’s Mini Wrestlers and was president of the South Jersey Youth Wrestling League.