Construction Accounting Services

Because of the many financial complexities within the construction industry, Avrio Solutions has a team of experts who work together with our construction company clients. We help business owners operate their finances more efficiently, which affords them the opportunity to achieve a greater level of success.

Without credible accounting in place, a construction firm can be going out of business and not even know it.

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Financial Discipline in Project Estimates

Avrio Solutions helps firms develop disciplined and accurate project estimation processes to make certain their submitted bids reflect the true costs of overhead, cost and price, so they can enjoy the profits from a job well done.

Our clients are experts in construction – we help them become experts in running their business.

Our areas of focus include:

  • Improvement of their bid processes to more accurately reflect all costs.
  • Introduction of tools that reduce the time needed to complete bid estimates.
  • Ensuring their employee and subcontractor rates are accurately reflected in bids.
  • Proper job costing by reviewing every cost exposure: permit acquisition, insurance requirements, equipment rentals, port-a-potty services, and more.
  • Understanding the fluctuation of costs for materials and services across geographical regions.

Experts in Construction Bonds

When construction companies have poor or inadequate accounting records, they often are unable to compete for bids, because they cannot secure the bonds necessary to complete the work.

Avrio Solutions’ in-house construction expert works directly with our clients and prepares thorough financial disclosure reports to obtain the required bonds to win those bids.

Because we understand the contractual nature of revenue and liability reporting in the bonding process, our experts know how to work through the details of these requirements.  Additionally, we work closely with our clients to ensure their financial statements are in order.

Throughout our years of service, we have developed and maintained strong relationships with bonding agents. We leverage these connections for the benefit of our clients. This often results in them securing better rates than they had expected.